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Over the past 80 years, EVERPURE has become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of water filter systems. EVERPURE is trusted and used commercially by many leading food and beverage manufacturers.  Their research is extensive and their standards, high.

The patented EVERPURE water filter is manufactured for both the home and commercial market – the filtration system working on similar principles for either application.

EVERPURE water filter systems are suitable for:

  • Household drinking water
  • Cappuccino coffee machines
  • Ice makers and fridge/freezer combinations
  • Water chillers
  • Health Care as in baby food and dietary/medical use

Why choose EVERPURE:

  • NEW!! – Pentair filters featuring Fibredyne™II media have been confirmed to a log-5 reduction* (99.999% reduction) in 0.2µm bacteria.
  • NSF/ANSI-42 Bacteriostatic Effect, Our filters use a propietary Fibredyne™-II media which limit the passage or growth of bacteria.
  • Trusted by people who know about water filtration
  • Certified by NSF for Standard No 42 and No 53
  • Guaranteed consistent quality of drinking water
  • Everpure water filters will shut down once the filter is saturated

Home water filters from EVERPURE

The S100 model is the most popular unit for domestic use.  The filter is mounted in the kitchen cupboard – hidden from sight.   An additional faucet (various styles  available to match your kitchen style) is installed on your sink.  Alternatively, on the prep bowl, the existing mixer tap can be used.  The EVERPURE cartridges are easily replaceable and can work under high pressure giving the best water flow possible.

The  S54 model – a smaller unit – is most often used for fridge/freezer ice makers and in confined spaces.

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Commercial water filters from EVERPURE

The MC cartridge is used predominantly in the hospitality and beverage manufacturing industry.   The cartridges are able to handle between 34,000 and 136,000 litres, with a flow rate of 6 – 25 litres per minute depending on the number of cartridges aligned on an EVERPURE filter bank.

Many reputable coffee houses in Cape Town including Origin Coffee, Seattle Coffee, Nestle and Woolworths use the EVERPURE filtration systems on their coffee and vending machines.

The One and Only, The Bay Hotel, Winchester Mansions, and The Vineyard Hotel – are some of our loyal local customers – using the EVERPURE filters either on coffee  machines, ice makers or even for their courtesy water.

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