Home Water Filters

EVERPURE uses trusted water filtering principles in the commercial industry, and applies these same principles to all their domestic home water purification systems.  With 80 years of experience, EVERPURE is known to deliver consistent water quality from the first drop to the last drop you drink. EVERPURE home water filters can serve many purposes – on your kitchen sink, your prep bowl or in the bathroom. The patented filtration principle has the advantage of using both a 0.5 micron membrane and very fine carbon dust in the filtering process.

EVERPURE recommends the S100 model for home use although individual needs may vary.


  • No more heavy bottled water to carry home – Enjoy sparkling clear and delicious tasting water direct from your tap for only a couple of cents per litre
  • Removes disinfectant, chlorine and chloramines
  • Removes all invisible dirt particles 0.5 micron or larger – including sulphides and asbestos fibres
  • Reduces lead to below the acceptable level of 15ppb
  • Absorbs offensive earthy, moldy fishy tastes and odours from the water thus improving the taste of drinking water, tea, coffee and cooldrinks
  • Filters out parasitic protozoan micro-oraganismms like Entamoeba, Cryptosporidium and Giarida
  • Fine flavours are no longer ruined – always cook with filtered water
  • Water cartridges are easily replaceable –  bayonet lock system

Water Filtration Systems

S100 Drinking Water System

EVERPURE® S100 treats your mains water supply to give you water that is purer – and fresher – than bottled water and much, much cheaper.

H104 Filter System

Highly efficient filtering system reduces most common contaminants, such as lead.

Filtration Faucets

Designer Faucet

The design of Everpure’s designer water faucets ensure a sleek look that perfectly complements your kitchen.

Colonial Faucet

The colonial design of Everpure’s filtered water faucet complements your kitchen.

Replacement Cartridges

  • A C
  • 4 C
  • MC²
  • BH²
  • MH²
  • i 2000 2
  • i 4000 2
  • 4 CB5-S
  • 7 CB5-S