Premium Multi Stage Whole House Water Filtration System with UV

1st Stage:

Automatic Back Washable Carbon Filter Removes or reduces the following:

  • Dirt
  • 99% Chlorine removal
  • Reduces Heavy Metal content Improves Taste and Odour

2nd Stage:UV Filter 2

UV water sterilizer eliminates all bacteria, Cyst and viruses in the water supply.

Advantages over other systems:

  • High flow rate
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low maintenance
  • Low running cost

The picture on the right shows the 5+ Bathroom System, the WHF5+

Bigger systems for higher flow rates and larger connection sizes are available

Prices (from 01/01/2017):

WHF2  1-2 Bathroom House –  R 19 600 incl. VAT

WHF4  3-4 Bathroom House – R 24 300 incl. VAT

WHF5+ 5+ Bathroom House – R 27 000 incl. VAT

WHF7+ Duplex System     –    R 44 100 incl. VAT

(for bigger connections & flow)

Running Cost:

Every 12 months:

WHF2 40Watt UV Lamp replacement – R 1 619.00 incl. VAT

WHF4, 5+, 7+ 85Watt UV Lamp replacement – R 1 798.00 incl. VAT

Every 2-3 years:

Replacement Carbon: –  R 2 163.00 p/25kg bag


Backwashable Carbon Filter:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Minimum operating pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Filled with Granular Activated Carbon
  • Maximum pressure drop: Approx. 0.35 bar
  • Material: Food grade Glass spun bottle
  • Automatic backwash every week
  • Backwashing flushes out the dirt and prevents “channelling” of the water through the carbon

UV System:

  • 100% Sterilization of the water
  • Lamp failure alarm system
  • On/Off  switch for the power supply and alarm
  • No need to close off the water supply during lamp replacement
  • SST UV tube

Please read the FAQ for more information on whole house filtration with UV